what makes us different

The values we live by

Trust & Collaboration

We prioritize a customer-first approach, valuing trust and close collaboration with our clients. Our circles represent our commitment to open communication and transparent reporting. Trust in our accountability and the value we deliver.

Innovation & Adaptation

At our marketing agency, we believe in constantly evolving and improving to stay ahead of the curve. Our interlocking circles represent our commitment to embracing new technologies and innovations that allow us to optimize your marketing efforts.


Using data-driven insights, we precisely identify your target consumer profiles. By leveraging comprehensive data analysis, we design marketing campaigns that deeply resonate, ensuring a direct connection between you and your audience. Every strategy is rooted in numbers.

Giving Back

Community First: Social Responsibility Initiatives

Our marketing strategies aren't just about business growth. We are dedicated to giving back, ensuring that as we prosper, our community does too.

Building Bridges: Partnering with other Businesses

We believe there is power in unity. We actively seek partnerships with organizations that share our commitment to giving back. By collaborating with like-minded brands, nonprofits, and community leaders, we can maximize our positive impact and help more people in need.

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Merging Marketing with Meaning

ooloo's core values of integrity and responsibility drive our marketing. We strive to educate consumers and promote conscientious consumerism.

Skill-Based Volunteering

Beyond traditional volunteering, we offer our professional skills and expertise to non-profits and community projects that could benefit from them. Whether it's marketing advice, IT support, or strategic planning, we believe in contributing in ways that utilize our unique strengths and capabilities


Sarah Whitt

My name is Sarah, and I'm the founder of ooloo marketing. My passion for marketing started years in 2006 when I was introduced to digital marketing. After working in corporate marketing roles for several years, I realized I loved the challenge of helping small business owners grow through smart and affordable marketing strategies. Many SMBs don't have big budgets or in-house expertise when it comes to digital marketing, and that's where ooloo comes in. Drawing from my background working at top agencies, I started ooloo this year to provide customized marketing plans, content creation, and ad management for SMB clients. The tricker the industry, the better. It hasn't always been easy - any entrepreneur can tell you that! But the reward of seeing our clients thrive and grow keeps me motivated and competitve. At ooloo, it's not just about clients - we genuinely care about each business we work with. Our collaborative approach and passion for helping SMBs succeed sets us apart. I'm excited for the future growth of ooloo as we continue to make marketing accessible and drive results for SMBs everywhere.